Early Admission deadline for 2024 Research Programs has passed.
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Earliest Program Start Date:
June / July 2024

Program Duration:
8-10 Week (Weekend Lectures)

Story of EDPLY Research Academy
About EDPLY Research Academy

Our Story

While there are many extracurricular options available to students today, we recognize that few are as impactful as research programs, which provide hands-on experience and the opportunity to work alongside leading experts in a field, enabling students to gain valuable knowledge and skills in their chosen disciplines. At EDPLY, we design and develop academic research programs taught by the world’s top professors from elite universities, specifically for high school students and young undergraduates. Our goal is to foster a community of passionate and talented learners who will pioneer groundbreaking research discoveries in the future.
Jack Ho

Meet Our Founder

After graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan (BBA in Finance), Jack landed his dream jobs as a derivatives trader and a management consultant at some of the world’s biggest firms. However, he soon realized that he wanted to pursue a more purposeful path. His transition into the education field as a university admissions counselor gave him firsthand experience with the challenges that passionate and driven students face in accessing university-level research opportunities. This inspired him to launch EDPLY with the goal of bridging the gap between talented students and impactful research initiatives. Drawing on his insights and experiences, Jack was determined to make a positive impact on the next generation by providing equitable access to education resources. Today, his vision and passion continue to drive our company’s mission to eliminate barriers to academic growth and empower students to achieve their full potential.
Founder of EDPLY Research Academy
Vision of EDPLY
Mission & Vision

What is our dream?

At EDPLY, our mission is to empower the next generation of young scholars by providing them with equitable access to impactful research opportunities. We strive to eliminate barriers to academic growth and enable students to collaborate with top professors from world’s leading universities through our innovative programs. By fostering a community of passionate and engaged learners, we aim to inspire them to reach their full potential to pioneer groundbreaking research discoveries in their chosen fields. We envision a future where all young scholars have equal access to impactful research opportunities and are empowered to push the boundaries of knowledge in their chosen areas of study. We aspire to create a world where education is a universal right, and where students have the skills and knowledge they need to drive progress and advance their disciplines in new and meaningful ways. Through our innovative programs and partnerships with world’s top professors, we aim to inspire and develop the next generation of innovators and leaders who will shape the future of their fields and create a more equitable and sustainable society.

What does "EDPLY" mean?

The name fuses “ED” for education with the phonetic similarity to the word “APPLY”. This connection reinforces our goal of not only providing students with a rich intellectual experience but also empowering them to “apply” their newfound knowledge to their academic pursuits and beyond.

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Application Deadline for
2023 Fall Term

Early Action – 10 June 2023

Regular Application – 10 July 2023

Late Application  Р10 August 2023

Application Deadline for
2024 Summer
(Jun - Aug)

Early Admission – 15 January 2024

Regular Decision – 31 March 2024

Late Application – Rolling