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Oxford & Cambridge Talented Summer Scholars (Oxbridge TSS)

Oxford Talented Summer Scholars -
  • 4 - 17 August 2024
  • Cambridge Talented Summer Scholars -
  • 21 July - 3 August 2024
  • → Taught by Oxford & Cambridge Professors
    → Genuine Oxbridge academic experience

    Talented Summer Scholars (TSS)

    Every summer, EDPLY Research Academy invites high school students to an extraordinary education experience through our Talented Summer Scholars (TSS) programmes hosted at the prestigious University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. This initiative is designed to challenge and inspire the brightest young minds by immersing them in a world of academic excellence and innovative thinking. Participants engage with leading scholars, explore complex subjects, and develop critical skills that set the foundation for future success. Additionally, our programmes offer a unique opportunity for students to explore their academic and career interests early on, providing invaluable insights into which university courses / majors may best suit their talents and aspirations. Whether it’s debating political theories, solving scientific quandaries, or exploring business and economics, the Oxbridge TSS offers a unique platform to expand horizons and connect with aspiring peers.

    Join us to transform your potential into reality!

    Oxford & Cambridge
    Cambridge & Oxford
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    • Esteemed Oxbridge Professors
    • Academic Research Exploration

    The Oxbridge Talented Summer Scholars (Oxbridge TSS) offers an exceptional and unparalleled academic environment where students actively participate in scholarly exploration and experience substantial intellectual growth. Hosted at the prestigious University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, our programmes offer an exclusive opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the rich academic heritage of the two esteemed institutions.

    Under the guidance of esteemed Oxford and Cambridge professors, our students delve into rigorous academic discussions and thought-provoking projects, fostering a research-oriented mindset. Through a combination of challenging coursework, hand-on learning experiences and intellectually challenging projects, students develop new skills and expand their knowledge across various disciplines.

    Our unwavering commitment to providing high-caliber education sets the Oxbridge Talented Summer Scholar apart, ensuring students receive top-notch education and gain invaluable insights from distinguished scholars, laying the foundation for future academic pursuits.

    Oxford Talented Summer Scholars – Engineering

    Embark on an exciting engineering adventure with the Oxford Talented Summer Scholars programme, centered around the captivating fields of renewable energy and fluid mechanics. Tailored to ignite your passion for engineering or to explore its wonders, our programme showcases a diverse array of compelling academic experiences:

    Lecture Topics:

    • Wind Energy Devices: Explore different devices and their design
    • Wind Energy Resource: Analyze factors affecting wind energy availability and efficiency
    • Wind Energy Modelling: Lean about mathematical models for wind energy optimization
    • Tidal Energy Modelling: Study the principles of modeling tidal energy systems
    • Wave Energy Principles of Operations: Understand the fundamentals of wave energy conversion

    Research Projects:

    • Large Wind Farm Design: Create an efficient wind farm for powering a city
    • Small-scale Wind Turbines: Design turbines suitable for urban areas
    • Tidal Barrage Design: Develop a comprehensive plan for a tidal barrage operation
    Date: 4 – 17 August 2024
    Intake: 10 students
    Tuition: £5,990 (residence & meals included)
     10% – £599
    University of Oxford
    University of Cambridge

    Cambridge Summer Scholars – 
    Economics, Land Economy, Politics

    Begin an intellectually stimulating journey into the realms of econometrics, land economy, and international relations with the Cambridge Talented Summer Scholars programme. Meticulously crafted to ignite your curiosity and enhance your comprehension of these intriguing subjects. Prepare for a transformative experience as we present a diverse range of academic opportunities that will broaden your horizons:

    Lecture Topics:

    • Economics: Explore the intricacies of micro & macro econometrics, delving into the empirical analysis of economic data
    • Land Economy: Investigate the digital city and the challenges posed by the new urban crisis, examining the intersection of technology, urban development, and sustainability.
    • International Relations: Gain insights into the mechanics of foreign policymaking, examining the decision-making processes and dynamics that shape international relations

    Research Projects:

    • Application of econometrics in university admissions analysis
    • How urban renewal and regeneration are developing parts of our cities
    • The roles of history and religion in international relations

     21 July – 3 August 2024
    Intake: 10 students
    Tuition: £5,990 (residence & meals included)
    Deposit: 10% – £599